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Hiking the Cerro de Monserrate, Bogota

Walking around Bogota, you can’t miss spotting the Cerro de Monserrate, the large hill that rises above downtown Bogota. With its church perched on top of it, the highest point in Bogota stands out. Monserrate is one of Bogota’s most popular tourist attractions because, as you can imagine, from its peak at 3200 metres above […]

Searching for El Dorado in Guatavita, Colombia

Have you heard of the legend of El Dorado? Maybe you’ve read a book about it or even seen the Disney movie? It turns out that this widespread legend is one of South America’s most mysterious stories and one that was born not far outside of Bogota, Colombia’s capital city. During our week in Bogota, […]

Cartagena Through My Lens: A Photo Essay

There is really no need for an introduction to Cartagena, Colombia’s most Instagram-prominent city. Cartagena is the perfect place for a warm-weather getaway. Cartagena has it all, that tropical Caribbean vibe and a historic old-town packed with colourful colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. Then there’s its charismatic locals, the nearby tropical islands and some incredible […]

Hiking in the Tayrona National Park from the Calabazo entrance

The Tayrona National Park is one of the prettiest national parks in Colombia. Located on the Caribbean Coast, Tayrona is pretty much paradise on earth. With palm trees galore, stunning blue water, white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife, it’s everything you might be looking for in a tropical getaway. It sounds perfect and it sure […]

A Perfect Trip to Guatapé: Colombia’s Most Colourful Town

No trip to Medellín would be complete without spending some time in Guatapé, Colombia’s most colourful town. Guatapé is only a two-hour ride from Medellín and it’s the perfect getaway from that big city. You can go there for the day or spend a night or two there as we did. Whatever you do, you […]

Monthly Update – August 2019

How did a visit by Justin Bieber in 2013 lead to a flourishing street art scene in Bogota? Well, that’s just one of the fascinating things we learned during our travels in August. Read on to find out why! August was all about Colombia. At the end of July, we’d just finished ten days in […]

Medellín: A Guide to the Most Innovative City in the World

Not so long ago, Medellín was a no-go city for tourists. In fact, in the ’80s, Medellín had the highest homicide rate in the world. Pablo Escobar and other cartel members were turning the city into a war zone and their violence was at its peak. Thankfully, after Pablo Escobar died in 1993, things started […]

A Visit to Salento Our Favourite Town in Colombia

The small town of Salento is nestled in the middle of the Colombian Zona Cafetera. Only a few years ago, Salento was not a safe place to travel to. It was totally off the tourist grid, thanks to the guerrillas who had control over the whole region. However, things have changed for the better in […]

Hiking the Cocora Valley, Colombia 

The Wax Palm Tree is Colombia’s national tree and in the Cocora Valley, the Wax Palm trees stand up to sixty meters tall. They are the tallest palm trees in the world and they are certainly an impressive sight. The Cocora Valley is part of the Los Nevados National Park and is situated in the coffee […]

Why You Should Visit Cali, Colombia

Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca, is a Colombian city that’s seen a lot of change and turmoil throughout the years. From its slave history during the colonial period to its most recent drug-related violence, it hasn’t been the safest city on the planet for years. For this reason, Cali is often underrated and […]

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