The Salkantay Trek, an Incredible Hike to Machu Picchu

We always knew we wanted to visit Machu Picchu while in Peru but there was one thing that we weren’t quite sure about. Should we do it the easy way and take the train, or should we do it the hard way and hike there? When people talked about hiking the Inca Trail, I always […]

Hiking Rainbow Mountain and The Red Valley, Peru

In recent years, Cusco has become even more popular than it already was, this time because of Vinicunca, a magnificent geologic wonder. Also known as Rainbow Mountain or La Montana de Siete Colores, Vinicunca has taken Instagram by storm. Photos of Rainbow Mountain are everywhere, complete with shots of people posing with cheeky Alpacas at […]

A Three-Day Hike into the Colca Canyon, Peru

At 3,270 metres (10,730 ft), the Colca Canyon or Cañon de Colca is the second deepest canyon in the world. But somehow, not many people have heard of it. It lives in the shadows of another famous grand canyon in Arizona that is actually only the 4th deepest one in the world! If you’re a […]

Hiking the Cerro de Monserrate, Bogota

Walking around Bogota, you can’t miss spotting the Cerro de Monserrate, the large hill that rises above downtown Bogota. With its church perched on top of it, the highest point in Bogota stands out. Monserrate is one of Bogota’s most popular tourist attractions because, as you can imagine, from its peak at 3200 metres above […]

Hiking in the Tayrona National Park from the Calabazo entrance

The Tayrona National Park is one of the prettiest national parks in Colombia. Located on the Caribbean Coast, Tayrona is pretty much paradise on earth. With palm trees galore, stunning blue water, white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife, it’s everything you might be looking for in a tropical getaway. It sounds perfect and it sure […]

Hiking the Cocora Valley, Colombia 

The Wax Palm Tree is Colombia’s national tree and in the Cocora Valley, the Wax Palm trees stand up to sixty meters tall. They are the tallest palm trees in the world and they are certainly an impressive sight. The Cocora Valley is part of the Los Nevados National Park and is situated in the coffee […]

5 Days in the Ecuadorian Amazon

We recently spent five days in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Amazon, the one place in the world that I swore to myself I would never set foot in, ever! Why’s that? It’s for one reason only; I am absolutely terrified of spiders, especially large ones such as ugly, hairy Tarantulas.  We all know that many […]

An Amazing 10-Day Tour of the Galapagos Islands with G Adventures

We absolutely love wildlife, so if there was one place in South America that we wouldn’t have missed, it’s the Galapagos Islands. Everyone we’ve met who’d been to the Galapagos has always come back raving about it and telling us wildlife lovers that we just had to go there.  With Ecuador as the first stop […]

Wine Tasting in Italy – a Short Guide

When planning our two-week trip to Tuscany, we knew that we’d be keen to do some wine tasting, along with enjoying the beautiful countryside and quaint medieval towns. But we hadn’t really looked too much into it until we arrived in Italy. In Australia, wine tasting is a pretty straightforward affair. You turn up at […]

The Madikwe Game Reserve Through My Lens: A Photo Essay

After an amazing start in Zambia, followed by some incredible game drives in both Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta in Botswana, our 10-year anniversary trip was sadly coming to an end. The last part of our trip took us back into South Africa, to a part of the country we had not heard […]

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