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14 Worst Travel Scams Ever Encountered by Travel Bloggers

There are some shady people in this world who would rather scam others than get a real job. Unfortunately, we tourists are often the targets of these scammers. Travel scams are real, plentiful and very easy to fall for, even for frequent travellers. Falling victim to a scam can ruin your day and can sometimes […]

Our Complete Guide to Preparing for Long-Term Travel

Simon and I have been talking about long-term travel for quite a while. We’ve been travelling on and off for years but never for an extended period of time. But two weeks here, three days there is no longer cutting it for us; there are just too many amazing places in the world to visit. […]

An Interview with Nomadic Matt

You’re probably visiting Free Two Roam because, like us, you love travel. As a keen traveller you’ve no doubt come across Nomadic Matt. Nomadic Matt is one of the most popular and successful travel blogs out there and one that we constantly head to for inspiration and advice. So we were thrilled when Nomadic Matt’s […]

13 Tips to Avoid Being an Annoying Tourist

For many countries, tourism is a vital part of their economy, so it’s fantastic that so many of us want to travel and see the world. I personally believe that travelling is one of the best things anyone can do to broaden their horizons and to appreciate different cultures and ways of life. There is […]

Creating Your Own Travel Blog

Blog about your passion We created the Free Two Roam travel blog nearly two years ago, to share our passion for travelling with other like minded travellers. Since then we’ve come across many fellow travel bloggers and we’ve learnt many travel tips and tricks from them. They’ve opened our eyes to places and experiences we’d […]

The Hawaiian Islands – Which One is Best for you?

As a first time visitor to the Hawaiian islands, it’s really hard to choose which islands to head to. When I organised our initial trip to Hawaii I did lots and lots of research but I still found it hard to decide. Each of the islands has its own unique charms and personality. Ideally you’d […]

10 Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight in Economy

Over the years we’ve taken our fair share of long-haul flights. We live in Australia, have family in Europe and love to travel; so there’s no way we can avoid them! In my twenties I used to love them; the further away, the more exciting, right? But of course, as we get older, sitting on […]