A 3-Week Sample Itinerary for India

India is a country that you will either love or hate. It all depends on how you approach it. If you put aside your prejudices and just go with the flow, you just might find that India is infinitely more enjoyable than you’d expected it to be. Things are certainly different in India, but isn’t […]

Our Top 10 Experiences in 2018

That’s it! Another year has gone by again. It’s crazy just how quickly time flies by. 2018 has been another fantastic year for us, with lots of incredible travel experiences. We’ve visited five countries as well as exploring four Australian states and we’ve seen some amazing wildlife and done some crazy stuff. Choosing our top […]

How to Spend One Day in Mumbai

On our way to our hotel from the Mumbai airport, our driver pointed out a huge skyscraper to our left. This is the home of India’s richest person, he said. It’s 27 storeys high, it has three helipads, swimming pools, underground parking for 160 cars and hundreds of staff members work in the building. All […]

Learning and Burning in the Sacred City of Varanasi

It was a beautiful warm night as we walked back to our hotel along the banks of the Ganges river. We’d just seen the Ganga Aarti ceremony which is performed in Varanasi every night, on the foreshore at Dasashwamedh Ghat. To reach our hotel we had to pass the Harishchandra cremation ghat. Compared to Manikarnika […]

A Visit to Agra, The Home of the Taj Mahal

Agra is a very popular destination for tourists visiting India. Although the city itself is not particularly notable, it does have one key landmark that people flock to see – the Taj Mahal. Looking out from our hotel room in the afternoon, it seemed as if the Taj Mahal, that we had just visited that […]

The Thrill of Tracking Bengal tigers in Ranthambore National Park

We sat in our jeep in total silence, parked high up on a dry, grassy hilltop in Ranthambore National Park. Below us lay the wide expanse of sector six, one of the park’s ten designated safari zones. This was the best spot to listen for the tell-tale warning cries that might lead us towards our […]

Pushkar, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Pushkar is a small town in Rajasthan, about two and a half hours from Jaipur. It’s built around a holy lake called Lake Pushkar. The story behind this lake is that it appeared when Brahma dropped a lotus flower, which is why it’s called Pushkar. Pushkar means “holy flower” in Hindi. Pushkar is a very popular pilgrimage […]

Udaipur: The City of Lakes and the Jewel of Rajasthan

Udaipur, Rajasthan’s city of lakes (also known as the Venice of the East), was a real surprise for us. We weren’t expecting to find something just quite so beautiful after a seven-hour drive through a desert-like landscape. Not many places in India are easy to love at first sight but Udaipur will blow you away […]

How to Spend Two Days in Jaipur, The Pink City

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is a popular stop on any tour around Rajasthan. It was our second stop after Delhi and it took us just over four hours drive to get there. With just over three million inhabitants, Jaipur is nowhere near as large as Delhi, but the traffic in town seemed just as […]

Things to Know Before Your First Trip to Delhi

India is a country that I’ve been longing to visit for many years. Seeing the Taj Mahal and taking a safari in search of Bengal tigers were the two top items on the Indian bucket list. So we knew we had to go there someday. But after hearing so many different opinions about India, I […]