Monthly Updates

Monthly Update – September 2019

At the end of August, we said goodbye to Colombia and headed down South to Peru, our third South American country. We would spend the next five weeks there. We weren’t sure what to expect from Peru. Would it be too touristy? What would the weather be like? Would we survive the altitude? Fortunately, we […]

Monthly Update – August 2019

How did a visit by Justin Bieber in 2013 lead to a flourishing street art scene in Bogota? Well, that’s just one of the fascinating things we learned during our travels in August. Read on to find out why! August was all about Colombia. At the end of July, we’d just finished ten days in […]

Monthly Update – July 2019

Hola Chicos! Yes, I’m learning Spanish. We spent the first two weeks and the final week of July learning Spanish in two different countries. In between, we headed back up to Quito to farewell Ecuador, crossed the border by bus into Colombia, had almost all our camera equipment stolen the following day and then headed […]

Monthly Update – June 2019

I can’t believe that as I write this, we’ve been travelling for nearly nine months and are well into the South American leg of our world tour. At the end of May, we’d left Europe and had arrived safe and sound in Ecuador, where we spent the whole of June. Ecuador is a beautiful country, […]

Monthly Update – May 2019

May flew past surprisingly fast. After a pretty easy-going first half of the month which we spent with Cindy’s family in France, we managed to pack a whole lot into the second half of May. We spent a couple of days exploring Paris and then followed that up with a very fast-paced tour of the […]

Monthly Update – April 2019

Well, if March was our Africa month, April has definitely been our chill out, drink a lot of wine and enjoy the scenery month. There’s certainly been a distinct change in tempo and a huge change in the climate, which has been both good and bad. On the plus side, we really needed to slow […]

Monthly Update – March 2019

At the end of February we’d just kicked off our self-drive experience in Namibia and we still had plenty of driving ahead of us in March. So we had that to look forward to, followed by an amazing finale to our African leg to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. In March we visited three […]

Monthly Update – February 2019

February was officially Africa month for us because we spent the whole month on that continent. We spread that time across three separate African countries, Uganda, South Africa and Namibia. In February we finished off our Ugandan road trip, visiting a few more amazing national parks across the country. We then headed to South Africa […]

Monthly Update – January 2019

We’ve certainly managed to cram a lot into the first month of the new year. In January we spent time in five countries. Yes, technically we were already in Cambodia in December and we only spent two days in Singapore and one day in the UAE but hey, they still count! Along the way we: […]

Monthly Update – December 2018

Happy New Year! We’ve just clocked over into 2019 and we’re still going strong. Since we started travelling full time in the middle of October last year, we’ve visited four countries in total. In December we ticked off another two countries, Laos and Cambodia. Both of these countries are quite poor but are developing rapidly, […]

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