Monthly Updates

Monthly Update – January 2019

We’ve certainly managed to cram a lot into the first month of the new year. In January we spent time in five countries. Yes, technically we were already in Cambodia in December and we only spent two days in Singapore and one day in the UAE but hey, they still count! Along the way we: […]

Monthly Update – December 2018

Happy New Year! We’ve just clocked over into 2019 and we’re still going strong. Since we started travelling full time in the middle of October last year, we’ve visited four countries in total. In December we ticked off another two countries, Laos and Cambodia. Both of these countries are quite poor but are developing rapidly, […]

Monthly Update – November 2018

This is the first of our monthly updates which we’re starting now that we’re travelling full time. Cindy and I actually left Australia in mid October so I’ve rolled that couple of weeks into November’s update. By the end of November we’d travelled through two countries, India and Thailand. It was our very first visit […]