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34 Amazing U.S. Cities for a Short Break

Life is way too short to just waste it sitting around on the weekend! Make the most of any free time you have and use it to travel, even if it’s just for a short break in your own country! The U.S. is full of amazing cities to explore. Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches, […]

The Best Green Things to do in New York City

This is a guest post by Nicoline Berthy from adventurersfootprints.com. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about New York City isn’t exactly a natural oasis – rather it’s a concrete jungle. But despite its many tall buildings and eternal hustle and bustle, this American metropolis has surprisingly many eco-friendly things to do, […]

Our Top 10 Favourite Experiences of 2017

2017 has been a great year for us. We’ve maxed out our holidays, taking three international trips and several long weekends away within Australia. It’s been a blast! So it wasn’t very hard to put together our top ten list of experiences for the year. Taking a boat right up close to an active lava […]

Our Ultimate Guide to Oahu: The Gathering Place

When we booked our first trip to Hawaii, my plan was to avoid Oahu as much as possible. My expectations of Oahu were very low. I always pictured it as Hawaii’s tourist-hub, over commercialised, full of high rise condos and tacky tourists attractions; and to be honest, this was also our opinion of Hawaii in […]

Hiking the Diamond Head Summit Trail in Oahu

It’s not hard to find a good hike on any of the Hawaiian Islands, and Oahu is no exception. It has more hiking trails than you can realistically conquer during a two week holiday. If like us, you’re a hiker, you may find it tricky to choose from them all. But, on the eastern edge […]

Our Top 10 Snorkelling Spots in the Hawaiian Islands

You might think that Hawaii is all about lying on the beach, surfing and enjoying the spectacular scenery. But some of the best things to explore in Hawaii are found under water. Beneath the stunning blue sea is a world of tropical fish, colourful coral reefs, friendly green sea turtles, rays, dolphins and many other […]

The Hawaiian Islands – Which One is Best for you?

As a first time visitor to the Hawaiian islands, it’s really hard to choose which islands to head to. When I organised our initial trip to Hawaii I did lots and lots of research but I still found it hard to decide. Each of the islands has its own unique charms and personality. Ideally you’d […]

Conquering the Koko Head Crater Trail

After indulging ourselves a bit too much with beautiful food and cocktails during our Hawaiian vacation we decided it was time to burn some calories. So on our way down from Oahu’s north shore to Waikiki at the end of our trip, we made a pit stop at Koko Head. We’d heard that hiking up […]

5 Great Hikes to Do on Kauai

If you love hiking, you will love spending some time on Kauai. Home to some of the most spectacular trails in Hawaii, Kauai is a hiker’s paradise. You won’t have any trouble finding a hike to match your particular level of fitness or experience. Whether you prefer a coastal stroll, wandering through a rainforest, hiking down […]

The Top 12 Things to Do on Kauai

Since our first visit to Kauai last year, I have been raving about the place to anyone who will listen! From the moment we caught sight of the island and witnessed Kauai’s natural beauty, we knew that it was a really special place. Every minute we spent on the island made us fall in love […]

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