A Fun Afternoon at Artvo: Melbourne’s Immersive and Trick Art Gallery

Artvo is Melbourne’s newest art gallery, but unlike other art galleries, it’s not about looking at beautiful works of art. Instead, you’ll become part of the art! It’s the first gallery of its kind in Australia, and thousands of people have passed through its doors since they opened in August 2016. By making art accessible, Artvo has become a social media phenomenon. It has over one hundred tricky works of art that you’re encouraged to touch and interact with. That’s a lot of photo opportunities! Artvo’s paintings are designed to come to life in 3D if you take your photos from the right spot. It’s a great way to spend a fun afternoon with friends and family!

We visited Artvo recently on a cold winter afternoon and we had a whole lot of fun. The gallery has eleven zones (all with different themes) and stretches over 1900 square meters. As you work your way through the gallery you’ll experience each theme in turn, and have a blast posing in front of the paintings. Those paintings were created by fourteen Korean artists and it took those artists just sixty days to complete them. Considering how many paintings there are and how much surface area they cover, that’s pretty impressive!

Let’s take you through the different zones:

Classic Crescent

Aquatic Adventure

Jungle Safari



World Tour


Enchanted Gardens

Pharaoh’s Treasures

Dimensional Dreams

Aussie Pride


Where is Artvo?

Artvo is found on the first floor of the Harbour Town Shopping Centre in the Docklands. The exact address is: Level 1, 26 Star Crescent, Docklands VIC 3008

How much does Artvo cost?

Artvo costs AU$28 for adults and AU$18 per child. They also have three types of family tickets.

Tips for a great time at Artvo:

  • Try to avoid visiting on weekends or school holidays as you may have to wait in line for your perfect shot, or take your photos really quickly to avoid annoying those behind you! It’s best enjoyed when you can take your time to wander through the gallery.
  • Look out for the Photo Points on the ground and stand on them when taking your photos. They’ll ensure you get the correct framing and 3D effects. Each Photo Point will also recommend the best camera orientation and flash setting to use.
  • Check out the numerous TV screens for ideas on how to pose for the photos.
  • If you want a group photo, ask the lovely staff to take one for you. They’ll be very happy to oblige.
  • If you are camera shy, it’s probably not worth going to Artvo. Remember that Artvo is all about becoming part of the art. While we aren’t huge fans of selfies, we made an exception on this afternoon, and we ended up having lots of fun. The tip is to not take yourself too seriously, embrace your creativity, and most importantly have a laugh!

To find out more check out the official Artvo website.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So on your next trip to Melbourne be sure to check out Artvo. I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time, and will have lots of great photos to prove it!

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