Tesalate Beach Towel Review: Don’t Bring the Beach Home

As you may know, we love the beach and when you love the beach you need a good beach towel. As full-time travellers, we also need a towel that is compact and easy to lug around. Unfortunately, until now we didn’t really own one. The beach towels we had were light for sure but they didn’t exactly dry fast. Travelling through South East Asia, we’ve often had issues getting them dry whenever the weather was very humid, and that’s quite often in countries like Thailand or Cambodia.

There’s nothing worse than having to pack your suitcase when your towel is still wet from the day before. Another thing I hated about our old beach towels was that we used to bring so much sand back into our hotel room whenever we used them. You know, sand on the floor ends up in the bed and then everyone’s unhappy!

But recently we were lucky enough to receive a beach towel to review from Tesalate. I’d read about Tesalate towels before we left but I wasn’t sure whether to believe their claim of a sand-free and quick dry beach towel. Can you really bring a towel home without any sand after a day out on the beach?

I was very eager to try it to be honest. So when we received it, we headed straight for the nearest beach. As we were in Kampot, Cambodia we headed out on our scooter to the nearby beachside town of Kep for the day. Keep reading to find out what we thought about the Tesalate towel.


Our Tesalate towel arrived folded inside a compact black pouch. The pouch easily fits into a handbag or beach bag, making it easy to bring with you everywhere.


We ordered the Aegean towel and I love its design. But there are so many designs available that choosing one was the hardest decision! There’s a mix of designs with bright colours, geometric patterns, flowery flourishes and some that are a little more subtle if that’s your taste. Each towel is double sided and the reverse side always has Tesalate’s signature black & white triangle pattern.


The Tesalate towel is large enough (160cm x 78cm / 63 x 31 inches) to lie down on and not have too much of your body in the sand. At least if you are short like me! They are much larger than our previous travel towels. However, at just over 500 grams they are slightly heavier than I expected. Our old towels weight 350 grams, although the Tesalate towels are larger so it makes sense that they weigh a bit more.

Is the Tesalate towel really sand free?

So now for the serious question. Are they really what they say they are, Sand free? YES! The towels are made with AbsorbLite™ microfiber (80% polyester + 20% polyamide), a fabric specifically engineered to stop the sand from sticking.

If you get any sand on your towel, you can easily get rid of it with a simple flick. The sand doesn’t stick to the fabric and comes off easily. Even when wet, if you give the towel a good shake, most of the sand quickly falls off.

Of course, this doesn’t stop the sand from getting on your towel in the first place but being able to quickly shake it off is pretty awesome.

Does it dry quickly?

I didn’t calculate how long it took to dry and I suppose this ultimately depends on how humid the environment is and how wet you get the towels (they are super absorbent and can absorb up to one litre of water). But the Tesalate towel appeared to dry a little quicker than our other towels, although it wasn’t quite as quick as I was expecting.

How much do they cost?

The towels are currently AU$79/£45/€49/US$59 you can buy them online on the Tesalate site here. They offer free worldwide shipping.


The Tesalate towel is a great, high-quality product and we would definitely recommend it. We mostly really liked the fact that we didn’t bring so much sand back into our room after a day on the beach.

I personally find the towels really pretty too, and with so many designs you’ll easily find a design to please every member of the family. They are a bit pricey compared to other beach towels but I reckon this is money well spent, especially if you spend a fair amount of time on the beach.

Disclosure: We received this free Tesalate Beach Towel for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest opinions of the product.

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