Our Amazing Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Inle Lake

The experience that we were most looking forward to on our trip to Myanmar was a hot air balloon ride over Bagan. But sadly our flight was cancelled at the last minute, due to poor weather conditions on the day. We tried to find a spot on the next morning’s flight, but because it’s the […]

12 Things to Do and See in Inle Lake

After six days of temple hopping, we were keen to experience something a little bit different. Luckily our next stop was Inle Lake. This lake is Myanmar’s second largest, measuring twenty-two kilometres long by ten kilometres wide. This picturesque lake sits in a valley between two mountain ranges, in the Western Shan State. While the scenery […]

Exploring Mandalay: the Cultural Centre of Myanmar

After spending an awesome three days in Bagan, we headed off to Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city and its last royal capital. Mandalay is often overlooked by travellers, which is odd because it has so much to offer. We had planned two days there, but we left feeling that it really wasn’t long enough. Mandalay […]

Our Complete Guide to the Ancient City of Bagan

One of the highlights of any trip to Myanmar is a visit to Bagan. Bagan is an ancient city built on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River, in the heart of Myanmar. A long time ago it was the capital of a powerful ancient kingdom. Nowadays, its archeological zone is home to the largest concentration […]

Checking in: 5FootWay.Inn Project Boat Quay 

It had been a long time since we’d set foot in a hostel. After months of backpacking around Australia in my twenties and many bad experiences, I’d kind of put the hostel world behind me. But after our recent stay at the 5FootWay.Inn Project Boat Quay, my opinion of hostels has definitely changed. It turns […]

Yangon: One Day in Myanmar’s Biggest City

As we began our descent into Yangon, we gazed out the plane’s windows and were amazed at Myanmar even before touching down. The first thing that we noticed was the huge number of golden pagodas scattered around the landscape. Some were small, some big, but they all shone so much in the bright sunshine that […]

Our Ultimate Guide to Oahu: The Gathering Place

When we booked our first trip to Hawaii, my plan was to avoid Oahu as much as possible. My expectations of Oahu were very low. I always pictured it as Hawaii’s tourist-hub, over commercialised, full of high rise condos and tacky tourists attractions; and to be honest, this was also our opinion of Hawaii in […]

Hiking the Diamond Head Summit Trail in Oahu

It’s not hard to find a good hike on any of the Hawaiian Islands, and Oahu is no exception. It has more hiking trails than you can realistically conquer during a two week holiday. If like us, you’re a hiker, you may find it tricky to choose from them all. But, on the eastern edge […]

Our Top 5 Wineries on the Mornington Peninsula

The Australian state of Victoria is heaven for the wine lovers out there. With wine regions scattered all over the state, you could visit a different winery every day and not run out of choices for months. Living in Melbourne, we are lucky to have several wine regions just over an hour’s drive from the […]

Our Complete Guide to Daylesford

Over the years we’ve become frequent visitors to the small town of Daylesford, in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria. Just a short ninety-minute drive from Melbourne, it’s easy enough to get to if you’re after a weekend of quiet relaxation. The area is home to the largest concentration of mineral springs in Australia and is […]

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