The North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail – A Great Find in High Country

When we booked our trip to Glenrowan for the Australia Day long weekend, we hadn’t done much research about the area itself. All we knew was that it was close to the King Valley, one of Victoria’s premier wine regions. So, since we both love wine, it seemed like a great place to escape to for a relaxing long weekend.

But after checking in at our Airbnb in nearby Taminick, we found a map of a trail called the Silo Art Trail. I was intrigued and I investigated further. What I found interested me straight away. The trail takes you across the nearby countryside to visit different grain silos. These silos have been painted with artwork by local artists.

Simon and I are big fans of street art, so we were very interested in following the Silo Art Trail and it did not disappoint.

Street art in Benalla

Where is the North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail? 

The North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail starts from the small country town of Benalla. Benalla is a two and a half-hour drive north-east of Melbourne, on the way to the New South Wales border. 

The many stops along the trail


The Silo Art Trail starts and ends in Benalla for a reason; because the small town of Benalla is also packed with street art. Although you won’t find any silos there, you will find many murals and amazing street art pieces all over the town.

So make sure you leave some time free to wander the streets of Benalla before or after the trail. You won’t be disappointed. The town also has many other attractions if you have more free time, such as the Benalla Art Gallery, an old Heritage Trail, a botanic garden and the peaceful Lake Benalla (where, if you’re lucky, you might spot a platypus).

Goorambat Silo

The Goorambat Silo is a fifteen-minute drive north of Benalla and was decorated by artist Jimmy Dvate. Dvate, who is passionate about wildlife conservation, depicted the endangered barking owl (also the most threatened owl in Victoria). His latest addition, the three beautiful Clydesdale horses, is also worth the detour. It’s one of my favourites from all of the silos. 

Sophia of Goorambat

You can’t visit Goorambat without stopping to see Sophia. Although not on a silo, this piece of art is equally impressive. You’ll find it inside the Uniting Church of Goorambat, only 600 metres up the road from the Goorambat Silo. 

Sophia was painted by street artist Adnate and represents the female aspect of the Holy Spirit. You can visit the church every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Sophia of Goorambat

Devenish Silo 

Another ten minutes north of Goorambat is the Devenish Silo. 

The Devenish Silo is the work of Melbourne Street Artist Cam Scale. Devenish has three silos, the first two depict a WW1 nurse and a modern female military medic in the Australian Armed Forces. These first two silos were officially opened on Anzac day in 2018.

Exactly a year later, the third silo was unveiled and this one is a tribute to the Australian Light Horses.

The Devenish Silo

St-James Silo 

Drive five more minutes north and you’ll reach St-James and the four silos decorated by artist Tim Bowtell. The St James Silos depict a mural of Sir George Coles, who was the founder of the chain of Coles supermarkets. Sir George Coles was a local of the St James township. The mural also features draught horses and an old truck that used to bring the wheat to the silos. 

The St-James Silos

Tungamah Silo 

Go fifteen minutes past St James and you’ll arrive in Tungamah and find the Tungamah Silo. The Tungamah Silo murals are the work of Western Australian street artist Sobrane Simcock. 

The taller silo was the first one to be painted in this part of Victoria and it depicts dancing Brolgas. This mural is what started the North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail.

The second smaller silo represents several birds, such as the Kookaburra, a Pink and Grey Galah, and a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.

The Tungamah Silos

The Winton Wetlands CFA water tank

This artwork was created during the 2016 Wall to Wall Benalla Festival and was painted by street artist Guido Van Helten.

Before beginning, the artist met with three local firefighters from the Winton Brigade, to gain inspiration. He then decided to incorporate the portraits of these three local volunteers into his mural. This piece of art is very popular and because of its location, (against a backdrop of lifeless trees) it’s a must-see.

You will find the Winton Wetlands CFA tank inside the Winton Wetlands, a forty-five-minute drive from Tungamah on the way back towards Benalla. As of January 2020, this is the last silo along the North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail but who knows, there might be more to come? 

The Winton Wetlands CFA water tank

How long does it take to complete the North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail?

It will take a minimum of two hours to complete the trail, or more if you want to take your time admiring the murals or walk around Benalla and the smaller townships. 

The map of the trail

Where to stay near the North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail?

Benalla is the closest major town to the trail. There is plenty of accommodation in and around Benalla that can be booked for a night or longer.

Best on 

Top reviews: Clement House or Kilparney House

Best value: Benalla Tourist Park

If none of those take your fancy, try using HotelsCombined to search across all major accommodation websites. We use them all the time.

There are also many Airbnbs in and around town. We stayed at the cottage of Taminick Cellars in Taminick, only a 20-minute drive away, and it was a lovely relaxing stay. The cottage offers sunset views over the vines and has a wine cellar and brewery right next door. If you plan on staying for a weekend and doing some wine and beer tasting, you will love it there!

The view from our airbnb in Taminick

While in the area make sure to check out the King Valley for some great wine and fresh local produce. Why not follow the Prosecco Road? Enjoy your time in the High Country of our beautiful state.

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The North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail - A Great Find in High Country The North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail - A Great Find in High Country

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