South America

The White City of Popayan, Our First Taste of Colombia

I’m not going to lie, our time in Colombia did not start quite how we’d imagined it would. After our uneventful border crossing from Ecuador to Colombia, (read more on this here), we decided to stop for the night in Pasto, and catch an early bus the next day to Popayan. Early morning the next […]

Border Crossing: Tulcan (Ecuador)/Ipiales (Colombia) – July 2019

After a lot of researching online to find a cheap flight from Quito to Colombia, it seemed rather difficult. We tried every city, every airline, every time of day but with nothing under US$400 per person, we eventually gave up. When you travel on a budget, sometimes you can’t always do things the easy way. […]

A Perfect One Month Itinerary for Ecuador

There is one country in South America that contains a little bit of everything that the continent has to offer. That country is Ecuador. So, if you want to discover South America but only have time to visit a single country, we’d suggest you pick Ecuador. In Ecuador, you get to experience the Andes mountain […]

Learn Spanish while travelling around Ecuador

Ecuador is an amazing country that is becoming more and more popular with international visitors. With super friendly people, amazingly diverse wildlife and scenery, and a compact size that’s great for travellers with time constraints, it’s no wonder that tourism is starting to boom in Ecuador. But there’s another great reason to visit Ecuador. It’s […]

A Quick Guide to Cuenca: Ecuador’s Most Charming City

The city of Cuenca, Ecuador is a true colonial gem and some would go so far as to call it Ecuador’s most beautiful city. It’s elegant historic Spanish colonial buildings, mixed with its colourful indigenous culture and dramatic street art, make walking around Cuenca a real delight. There are bright colours everywhere in Cuenca! Not […]

Checking In: Our Review of the Montañita Cabañas

After a month of travelling through Ecuador with the bare minimum of Spanish under our belt, we realised that we needed to do better. If we were going to travel through South America for at least 6 months, we really had to try and learn some more Spanish.  We’d read that the small beachside town […]

Two weeks of immersive Spanish in Montañita

When we decided to spend six months of our world tour travelling through South America, we knew that we would enjoy our time there a lot more if we learnt a little bit of Spanish. While we could probably make do with a few simple words and a bit of Google Translate, actually learning how […]

5 Days in the Ecuadorian Amazon

We recently spent five days in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Amazon, the one place in the world that I swore to myself I would never set foot in, ever! Why’s that? It’s for one reason only; I am absolutely terrified of spiders, especially large ones such as ugly, hairy Tarantulas.  We all know that many […]

Alausi, Ecuador, It’s not just about the train

After our awesome time in Baños, it was time to move on again. So, we hopped back on the Wanderbus to make our way to our next destination, Alausi. Alausi is a tiny town in Ecuador that is largely popular due to one thing, el Nariz del Diablo (the Devil’s Nose). The Devil’s Nose is […]

An Amazing 10-Day Tour of the Galapagos Islands with G Adventures

We absolutely love wildlife, so if there was one place in South America that we wouldn’t have missed, it’s the Galapagos Islands. Everyone we’ve met who’d been to the Galapagos has always come back raving about it and telling us wildlife lovers that we just had to go there.  With Ecuador as the first stop […]

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